I have assisted clients recently to apply for jobs in:

Various Australian Public Service and  Queensland Government Agencies,  Brisbane City Council,  NSW Government, NSW local government councils, International Aid Agencies,  TAFE,  Universities, Private Schools, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Superannuation,  and Business Consultancy Firms.

Jobs have included:

CFO, Events Manager, Librarian, speech therapist, senior special teacher, school principal, Country Manager, policy officer,  planning officer, publications officer, business consultant,  portfolio management consultant,  ICT manager, ESL tutor and teacher, community liaison officer, case worker/counsellor, administration officer, human resource team leader, fire fighter, graduate program, workshop supervisor, executive officer and various Executive Level roles.

Unsolicited testimonials:

  • Good morning, Cheryl!

    I would like to thank you for your time and a very productive session. I really enjoyed it! You have a great coaching style and provided very effective triggers to assist me in structuring thoughts and examples. I very much appreciated our discussion and continue ‘polishing’ the data:)

  • After seeing you last week – I got a call last Friday afternoon from ZZZZZZ offering me the 6 month ……………….job.  So I accepted because I didn’t know anything about XXXXXX.  Then XXXXX called me for a final interview for XXXXXXX on Monday.  I went to the interview and they said they would get back to the successful applicants by today.

    So I started the contract job with ZZZZZ on Wednesday (3 days ago) and I got the call today to say that they LOVED me at the XXXXX interview and I start on ……………  So now I have to resign from ZZZZZZ to start XXXXXX.  So I went from no job to 2 jobs in the same week!

    XXXXX here I come!

    So thanks to you for all of your assistance and fabulous expertise.

  • Good Afternoon Cheryl
    Thank you so much for your help.
    I would like to express how great it was to work with you, how impressed I was with your attitude, your determination to find out about my suitable professional experience and skills to much them to the council’s expectation as well as your extensive knowledge about the councils’ polices, procedures and relevant legislation.
    The documents you have produced present my experience and skills comprehensively and are perfectly tailored to the position description.
  • Thanks again heaps Cheryl for your mentorship and advice on helping me get into XXXX. 
  • Attached is the final draft of my covering letter. It must be working because I’ve got an interview for anther role already lined up this week.
  • Thanks again for your coaching, I feel reasonably well prepared, and now that I have some time to practice it will make a difference. 
  • Thanks Cheryl, much appreciated.  I think this is the best application I have done so far. 
  • I had 2 interviews last week.  The YYYY rescheduled one, and one for the AAAA.  Thanks to you, I did very well in both, and was offered the AAAA job within 2 days.  Thanks again for your help in this process, it has made all the difference. 
  • I have accepted the position in AAAA, and in withdrawing my application with YYYY they expressed great regret and requested I contact them if it did not work out with AAAA – so my self confidence has recovered somewhat.
  • Thank you heaps and heaps.  Please call me and email from time to time. I need a mentor outside of the system. You have been a great one so far.
  • I thank you wholeheartedly for your call and feedback!  I will certainly keep you in mind if/when I get to an interview, and shall recommend your services to others who are interested in APS employment.
  • Thanks that looked great! I have now submitted my application, so thank you very much for your assistance .. it really helped! Now I just have to sit and wait by the phone .. fingers crossed!!
  • Hi Cheryl, this looks great – I am really happy with both, the resume and selection criteria. I will definitely let you know if I got an interview.