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If a candidate gets to the ‘Interview’ stage for a government job, they should expect to be interviewed by a panel (committee) of two or three people. Usually each of the panel members will ask questions and take notes during the interview. Sometimes there will be an extra person in the room who has the role of scribe/selection support. The scribe will take detailed notes throughout the interview. When the candidate has left the interview, the selection panel will discuss responses to the questions and decide how well the candidate meets the selection criteria. The panel may use the notes that the scribe has taken to assist them to recall the candidate’s responses. The scribe will note the panel’s findings and at the end of all of the interviews will draft a Selection Report. The Selection Report details each candidate’s performance against the criteria, and may include a comparison of the most highly ranked candidates.

In some interviews, the scribe has solely a recoding role, and the committee fully details exactly what the scribe is to write. In most cases, the scribe will be a person with considerable HR/recruitment experience, and may provide significant advice and support to the selection committee (especially an inexperienced selection panel).

As the scribe is not directly involved in the interview process, candidates do not need to maintain the same level of eye contact with them as with the selection panel. However, it is important that candidates show appropriate interpersonal skills by greeting and farwelling the scribe politely.


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