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I notice that a number of people come to this blog using one of the above search phrases. I assume this is because they are writing an application for a government job. These are the five leadership capabilities used by both the Queensland State Government and the Australian Public Service.

To find more information about these capabilities, you can visit the Integrated Leadership System (ILS) web page. You will find information about what behaviours are expected at EL1, EL2, SES1, SES2 and SES3 levels. Find the pages that discuss ‘behavioural indicators’ to get ideas on what experiences you have had to prove your demonstration of these five capabilities.

For example , for ‘Shapes Strategic Thinking’ – Can you provide an example of where you have established the strategic goals for a business unit? communicated the links between government policy, organisational goals and the work of a unit? built a shared sense of purpose and direction? focused on the future and pursued strategic alignment of action within a business unit? identified critical information gaps?……..

If you are applying for APS 1-6 roles there is a similar ILS publication. The capabilities are slightly different: Supports Strategic Direction, Achieves Results, Supports Productive Working Relationships, Displays Personal Drive and Integrity, and Communicates with Influence.

The Integrated Leadership System  is an excellent tool to assist you to write your application, prepare for interview, and also to assess your learning and development needs.


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 Some unsuccessful candidates hear during post-selection feedback, that they have failed to show ‘leadership’. 

Wikipedia states that:

Leadership is one of the most salient aspects of the organizational context. However, defining leadership has been challenging.’

To clarify what leadership means for their organisation, companies and government Agencies have developed Leadership Capability Frameworks.  These frameworks identify the key capabilities, and associated behaviors that leaders need to demonstrate. The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) has published an Integrated Leadership System (ILS) , which provides a common language for leadership development across the Australian Public Service. 

This system identifies five key leadership capabilities –  

Shapes Strategic Thinking

Achieves Results

Cultivates Productive Working Relationships

Exemplifies Personal Drive and Integrity

Communicates with Influence

These five capabilities form the basis of staff selection for many Australian government leadership jobs. The Queensland Government uses similar capabilities.

Understanding leadership capabilities and being able to describe how you have demonstrated these is very important for success in winning any government or private sector leadership role. Many people fail to impress when applying for leaderships roles because they do not show that they can shape strategic thinking. In addition, leadership candidates must demonstrate the ability to communicate with influence, not just to communicate.





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