If you do a Google search you will find many resume and selection criteria writers – all offering different services. The fees differ significantly, and vary according to what services are included (eg amount of personal consultation, number of drafts provided, level of specialisation of the job, turnaround time;  and whether resume, cover letters, selection criteria and interview coaching are purchased at the same time).

You will find providers who advertise that they will provide a resume for $110.  You should ask if the resume writer will help you with the content of your resume – or whether they just reformat your old resume.  At the higher end, prices are advertised at $349 for Early Career, $549 for Mid Career and $749 for Executive resumes.

With selection criteria, it depends on the number of criteria and length of writing required (i.e is one page per criterion required? or two pages only to cover 5 criteria?).  You should anticipate paying somewhere between $150 – $300 per page.  With very specific technical or executive roles, which require a much greater time commitment and expertise of the writer, a quote of up to $2000 is possible.

You will need to provide information to the job coach or writer. Some providers send you a set of questions based on the job and criteria. Others will interview you. Some prepare a first draft and ask you to fill in specific details.

Most providers will ask for payment before the service commences. Unfortunately – the few clients who dont pay, even when happy with the service – drive providers to establish this rule of business.

Would you invest $200 to $2000 to win that dream job? For many the answer is a clear YES.


Do you need someone who understands the Integrated Leadership System (Australian Government)  or Capability Leadership Framework (Queensland Government)?

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My specialty is coaching people for job interviews. I enjoy assisting people to win jobs – and would love to hear from you.        Cheryl


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