Marie has great skills – but she just cannot get an interview.

A recruitment consultant told her that her resume and cover letter were poorly written (for Marie, English was a second language), and that she had not highlighted her achievements in these documents.

Marie saw a job advertised with Employer X, which was a good match for her skills. She decided to invest in the services of a Resume Writer. The Resume Writer talked to her about her work experiences and identified achievements that Marie had not thought to include. In no time – the Resume Writer produced a very professional resume and cover letter, that Marie was proud to submit to Employer X.

Employer X read Marie’s resume and was impressed by her experience and skills. They flagged Marie as a candidate worthy of progressing to the interview stage of the selection process. Before finalising the list of candidates to be interviewed, Employer X decided to check the web presence of the preferred candidates.

Marie’s name was ‘Googled’.


Marie was the treasurer of a charity group TICK

Marie was registered with Facebook TICK

Marie’s Facebook Privacy settings prevented public viewing of her profile TICK

Marie had a Linkedin profile TICK

Marie’s Linkedin profile looked like her old resume (typos and poor English expression) BOO……


Marie did not get an interview.

It is a good idea to make sure your online presence is consistent with your job application. Talk to your Resume Writer or Job Coach if you need help with your on-line profiles.