What do you think – True or False?

1. Spending a lot of time preparing for a job interview will make me seem desperate.

2. While preparing for a job interview, put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes to see things from their perspective.

3. Role playing to prepare for typical interview questions is really important.

4. If you have reservations about your abilities or skills for the position you should tell the whole truth.

5. A job interview is a one-direction conversation, like on a talk show.

6. Interviewers are like dogs; they can smell my fear.

7. The “real me” will shine through whether I’m dressed in pajamas or a suit.

8. Sending a thank you note is an important way of standing out.

9. Making demands for your ideal salary and vacation in the initial interview is a risky proposition.

10. It doesn’t matter if I’m 5 minutes late. Everyone runs late to interviews.

 C.J. Liu (professional coach) has provided some comments on these statements in a Payscale blog post. While this is an American blog – from my experience the observations made in this blog post are also relevant for the Australian job-seeking environment.   It is worth noting that where an organisation recruits on merit (eg public sector roles), sending a thank you note is unlikely to have an effect on your chances of winning a role.