Losing a job can be one of the most difficult times. Not sleeping, or waking at 3.00 am and tossing and turning is not unusual.  Concentrating on job searching and preparing resumes is not easy in the shock of post redundancy.

It may be hard not to take the redundancy personally, even though everyone knows that we are in challenging economic times.  An investments to be considered at this time is engaging assistance from a job or outplacement coach who can assist in the job search process. A good job coach should be able to assist a job searcher to:

  • understand post redundancy emotional issues
  • maximise networking, including developing on-line networks 
  • have a well organised and dignified search strategy
  • prepare contemporary and well analysed job application tools such as resumes, cover letters, statements against selection criteria or on-line profiles  

Be careful of accepting that one professionally prepared resume will suffice for all jobs. A good coach will be able to demonstrate how to analyse potential job requirements and to tailor a resume and interview preparation accordingly.